Workplace Accommodations for Healthy Pregnant Workers

Thank you, Vermont Commission on Women, for sharing: 


Under current state and federal law, employees experiencing healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies are not entitled to receive workplace accommodations such as having access to water, access to a stool or a chair, longer or more frequent restroom breaks, or avoiding heavy lifting. On Tuesday, February 14th, H.136, re: accommodations for pregnant employees was introduced in the House Committee on General, Housing, and Military Affairs.

VCW released this info sheet about this issue.  Highlights from the info sheet include:

  • Nationally, 250,000 pregnant workers are denied requests for accommodations every year
  • Three-quarters of women entering the workforce will be pregnant and employed at some point in their lives
  • The majority of pregnant women in Vermont are employed during their pregnancies
  • Workers in part-time or lower-wage jobs, women of color, and those with a high school degree or less education are more likely to need some kind of minor accommodation at work, and are impacted disproportionately compared to their counterparts

VCW will share stories from Vermonters about working while pregnant and needing minor accommodations with policymakers. 

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Visit Vermont Commission on Women Here and view the Accommodations for Healthy Pregnant Workers Info Sheet

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