Watch Nonprofit Full Costs Realized: How 2 Nonprofits Transformed their Budgets

This webinar provides lessons on:

  • How to build a common embrace of the full costs framework within your nonprofit;
  • A grounded look at the full cost framework: Day-to-day operating expenses + working capital + reserves + fixed asset additions + debt principal repayment = full costs – at work;
  • How to speak to funders about the need for full cost coverage.

For more information on covering full costs see our last webinar with Claire Knowlton:

Why Funding Overhead Is Not the Real Issue: The Case to Cover Full Costs

About the speaker:

Claire Knowlton is Associate Director in Advisory Services at the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF). She works with funders, nonprofits, and partners to improve the financial health of the social sector in Los Angeles and Southern California. Claire was executive director of a community-based art center in Los Angeles for eight years, where she brought the organization from financial distress to a model of excellence in programming and organizational management. Claire is co-founder and board president of The Life You Can Save, a nonprofit committed to ending extreme poverty by directing philanthropic dollars to the most effective solutions.

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